Draw Something Looks at the Movies

I have all kinds of ways of tormenting my friends besides forcing them to watch Twilight saga movies (though I DID NOT in any way, shape, or form make Rhonda watch the last movie, no matter what you heard; she was READING before I brought out the movie at Lindsey’s request and upon Tim’s willingness to watch it, and she continued to read throughout the movie, so I am GUILT FREE on that one).

One of my favorite torments is making them play Draw Something on our phones (or their iPads) with me. I don’t think anyone really loves this as much as I do, no matter how awful my drawings are. And trust me, this is not humble bragging–if you could see ‘Nathan’s drawings, you’d know just how pitiful mine are. He’s like the freaking Rembrandt of Draw Something.

Since I still have a headache, sharing screen caps of a few drawings is a pain-free way (for me!) to blog.

Poor Fay Wray.

I’m pretty sure this is one of my worst pictures of all time. If someone had drawn it for me, no way would I have known that was the Titanic hitting an iceberg. But she did, if I recall correctly.

This one’s inaccurate because seeing Bella smile is about as likely as seeing a vampire in real life.

Speaking of inaccurate, Jacob is not technically a werewolf. I did get closer to Bella’s unsmiling face, though.

Finally! Sad Bella. But now Edward’s practically smiling.

I never saw this movie, but I think I got the gist of it.

This is more like Darth Scream.

Worst disco floor ever.

It’s like she has a hotdog around her neck.

Scarlett is such a ho.

This one is my favorite.


14 thoughts on “Draw Something Looks at the Movies”

  1. why is Ashley dressed in brown, shouldn’t he be in confederate gray? Also I totally got that was the titanic hitting an iceberg.

  2. And I thought I couldn’t draw. And that werewolf was definitely a Mlle. Renee swipe when she wanted to break through the front storm door yesterday and attack the mean mailman she hates.

    1. And I thought I couldn’t draw.

      Tough critic! Do I get a pass because my canvas is so tiny and my fingers are not? Or that color blending isn’t an option in this game?

      Remind Renee that sometimes the mailman brings boxes!

      1. The good mailman brings boxes, the bad mailman sprayed dog spray in her face when he crossed in front of the front gate.

        And your drawing isn’t that bad. Though the Titanic and iceberg sort of resembled a banana split where the banana turned black. And why was Darth Vader dueling with Tarzan?

          1. Alas, you know it was just that green-eyed demon who wrote those comments. I never did photograph the drawings I did on the tablets the museum had outside Monet’s Water Lily Triptych exhibit last year. Did I even post about that exhibit?

            1. Get yourself a smart phone or an iPad and you can play, too!

              I don’t remember about the Monet, but I do remember your bonsai drawing from 30 Days of Creativity!

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