Runway Monday: Take It All Off (PR 11:8)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were instructed to create outfits for the world famous male revue Thunder from Down Under. These (ridiculously handsome and buff) male dancers wanted a new costume for their opening number. The tearaway feature was given as the most important facet of the clothes. Since the designers were working in teams creating three looks each, at least one of the designs had to be a suit.

Since there’s only me, probably I should have designed a suit, but I didn’t want to, though I did intend to go with a businessman look. As for my model for this challenge, all the members of Thunder From Down Under are, as their leader said, one hundred percent Australian. I just happen to employ a model from Middle Earth, and rumor has it that New Zealand, Australia’s neighbor, is the closest setting to Middle Earth there is. There didn’t seem to be any restrictions against elves, and Legolas was nearby because of another project I’m working on.

Enjoy objectifying my model. He doesn’t mind.

Because I know what you most want to see are his Mattel shoes:

No? Okay, then on with it. First of all, his shirt is easily torn off, because only the tie held it together and there are snaps on the cuffs. The shirt slips from under the elastic of the tie–which is the way many of my old Mattel ties were constructed, though I made this one. I thought leaving the tie on without the shirt would be a nice touch.

The back seam of the slacks was held together with a snap; once it was pulled open, the back part of the pants wouldn’t interfere with the front tearaway. Since Legolas arrived at the workroom commando under his costume, I also had to make his jersey boxers (the Thunder guys were all wearing boxers, as well).

The tearaway from the front was easy because the inseams were fastened with Velcro®.

Legolas is ready to dance!

If you didn’t watch this episode of PR, spoiler alert! If you did watch, you know that the judges were so disappointed that not only did they refuse to name a winner, but Heidi said she felt like they should end the season right there. They didn’t; it’ll be on next week. So what did Heidi think of my design?

She believes, to paraphrase Coco Chanel, that you should remove one accessory before you leave the runway. And you should put it around her neck and stand very close to her for a photo.

See you next time on the runway!

Shirt fabric was repurposed from a dress shirt of Tom’s. The Velcro® was in my mother’s sewing supplies.

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14 thoughts on “Runway Monday: Take It All Off (PR 11:8)”

  1. First, they could be twins … second, Nina and Heidi were hilarious … third, why does PR do this to really nice guys? They did it to the Sheepdogs now the Thunder boys? Your design would have won. No question!

    1. Thanks! My design is safe–no groundbreaking fashion–but considering what went down the runway, it probably would have won.

      I, too, thought of those Sheepdogs during this challenge. And the best part of the show–other than gorgeous men–was Nina.

  2. Probably, the worst segment of PR ever. Why did they all go for office attire? Only one outfit had to be a suit. I would have opted for a cross-section of men you would see walking down a street.
    At least you know how to make a shirt … and a tie and pants, too. I’d say that your outfit was for better than anything seen on the show, but seeing the stuff they turned out that wouldn’t be much of a compliment.

      1. Actually….yes! I began blogging on December 13, 2004. By July 20, 2005, I’d acquired my first digital camera and posted this:

        I really need to talk Tim into doing a similar, updated shot with the body he’s created from healthy eating and exercise.

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