13 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 335”

    1. Thanks! I love her stuffed horse. There were lots of real horses around, but he chose these mules to teach her how to feed apples. They were so gentle with her.

  1. I was ssssssoooooo tempted to go out and hunt for a junkyard that still had the Colorado blizzard and find an old, rusty, discarded car spring partially buried in the snow. Alas, such plans are harder to realize at this time, as the move is in its unpacking and storage stages. The snow is gone here, but I’m sure there must be something like this somewhere. It would be even better with daffodils.

    1. When I last checked the site, there was at least one photo of little daffodils trying to come up through the snow. Brave creatures.

      So you have officially reached the destination of your new home?

    1. You could have probably gotten a donkey for free during the drought. But they like equine company, so you’d have had to take two. Renee would have felt outnumbered.

      1. Well, she’s currently cohabiting with a pair of squirrels in the back yard. Weird dog … when you say “squirrel, squirrel” she looks at you with that happy face of hers.

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