Photo Friday, No. 335

Current Photo Friday theme: Springtime

Springtime means the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and a little girl feeds an apple to a mule for the first time.

(Click here to view larger version on black background.)

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13 Responses to Photo Friday, No. 335

  1. Marika says:

    this is a perfect picture – cute little girl with a horse, nice cowboy in red boots, and mules.

  2. ablueskyboy says:

    I was ssssssoooooo tempted to go out and hunt for a junkyard that still had the Colorado blizzard and find an old, rusty, discarded car spring partially buried in the snow. Alas, such plans are harder to realize at this time, as the move is in its unpacking and storage stages. The snow is gone here, but I’m sure there must be something like this somewhere. It would be even better with daffodils.

  3. Robert Edler says:

    Awwww!I want a mule! And because I live in Missouri I should have one. To which Mlle. Renee replied, “One dumb ass around here is more than enough for me.”

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