When I was getting the guest room (a/k/a The Lisa Suite) ready for Debby’s visit, I realized that the Top Models’ dressing rooms had become little more than junk rooms. With only a little effort, I staged a couple of tableaus to amuse myself.

First, y’all remember The Opposite of Math, who I introduced to you back in 2011 after styling them for a Rolling Stone cover, right?

Apparently, they’ve been on tour or something since. But the contents of their axe room have doubled:

Some of those came with dolls, and some I bought, but weirdly, I also keep finding them in the most random places. I think little kids have them in their hands while their parents are shopping and drop them or put them down.

Then there was this moment. What’s more surprising? That Tim Gunn digs a man in uniform or that GI Joe’s into fashion?


8 thoughts on “Random”

    1. I worry about Joe. Tim’s going to have all the best lines when they fight: “This concerns me.” “Gather round.” “Talk to me.” “Carry on.” And the absolute worst one, if he ends it: “Where’s Andrae?”

        1. Only if a Richard Simmons dolls appears. (Is there a Richard Simmons doll? I went to look and found out that Richard Simmons collects dolls. Who knew?)

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