February Photo A Day: Upside Down

After checking today’s photo prompt, I planned to go outside to take photos of some roses so heavy on the branch that they’re hanging upside down. But it’s cold (for Houston), and after spending a night without heat and getting our furnace replaced today (Remember that thing about how I have art to sell???), I couldn’t seem to motivate myself to go back outside. That’s when I realized everything on my desk had been placed upside down from my perspective. And while reading is best done right side up, I have a bookmark that shows how reading is also hot from every angle.

Today, it’s all about heat. Thanks for the bookmark, ‘Nathan!

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


8 thoughts on “February Photo A Day: Upside Down”

  1. I noticed that you saw THE HOBBIT at the AMC Willowbrook24 … does the theater actually have 24 screens? I usually go to the Esquire AMC that only has 7 screens. Though 2 are actually about the size of my bedroom. Most of the local megaplex theaters are in the far west county or across the river in Saint Charles.

    1. Yes, 24, but that theater is nowhere near me. The Hobbit having been out a while, we had to travel to the suburbs to see it.

      Closer to me is a Regal Theater with 24 regular and two RPX screens, and Sundance, with nine screens. (Then there’s the old River Oaks, but it has one larger screen and two small theaters probably like the small ones you describe. River Oaks shows arty, indie, and cult films.)

      1. I think it was a Regal Theater I went to see The Hobbit. I usually go to an AMC theater, but that one was sold out. I was worried that I would find the movie too long to endure, that I should just wait for the DVD, but I enjoyed it on the big screen all the same.

        1. I was surprised by how quickly it seemed to go, because it definitely is a long movie. I’m glad we were able to see it in the theater first–these movies deserve their big screens.

  2. Glad he arrived safe. Half my staff told me about that bookmark and said something like “doesn’t your friend have a series about this?”

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