February Photo A Day: Love Is…

…all you need.

When I woke up this morning and walked into the kitchen, I found a vase of flowers with a box of candy waiting for me. The candy had a little creature attached. His name tag says he is Cuddle, so I’ve named him Cuddle Russell (it was Russell Stover candy). I shot this photo of those gifts from Tom with the cross-stitch Marika crafted and sent me for Christmas. I’ve been saving it to share on this date. Its rustic frame generally matches one with a moose my mother stitched for me; “Love” will hang next to the moose.

I know there are Valentine’s Day haters and people who call it a Hallmark holiday, commercialized and designed to make alone people lonelier. I think it’s a day less about what you get than what you have–and if that doesn’t include a special someone, it must surely include the love of family, friends, neighbors, animal companions, a deity if you so believe–even the love you feel for nature, art, books…and the Beatles!

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


6 thoughts on “February Photo A Day: Love Is…”

      1. a friend and I skip christmas and celebrate Valentinemas… saving us from an additional Christmas purchase – AND valentine’s day bitterness.

        Also I seem to do a Beatle thing with you

        1. It is right that you do a Beatles thing with me. Not only because I love the Beatles, but because each Beatles gift from anyone makes me feel closer to my Beatles soul mate, Riley.

          My extra holiday is usually “Thanksgiving in February.” Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is my favorite of all holidays–I like to make more of them.

          I think Valentinemas is a good idea.

    1. That dragon is very cool. The dogs have just about destroyed most of their Christmas toys from Aunt Debby. Time to move on to the toys from Lisa (doggrl).

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