February Photo A Day: Guilty Pleasure

I can’t imagine that anyone would be surprised by this. As much as I talk about it, however, it’s rare that I have more than one of my favorite Starbucks drinks a week, usually on Friday’s Craft Night. We provide the home-cooked meal, and Rhonda and Lindsey get Starbucks for us as dessert.

Because people are generous, my additional indulgences are courtesy of gift cards–thank you, thank you–you know who you are! I also cut the calories by getting non-fats and skinnies. Maybe, ultimately, Starbucks is my guiltless pleasure!

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.

ETA: Ha. After I posted this, Tom returned from errands with this coffee for me, which he picked up when he was using the last of a B&N gift card to get me the score of Breaking Dawn 2 (my other guilty pleasure; now I have all five soundtracks and all five scores, and they are amazing to write to…not that I’m saying I’m writing or anything). So that’s TWO Starbucks in less than twenty-four hours. I AM LIVING THE LIFE.

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5 Responses to February Photo A Day: Guilty Pleasure

  1. Aunt Aberta says:

    life is short – drink more coffee (just not enough to negatively impact your health – a happy medium)!

  2. Robert Edler says:

    While I like coffee, I have actually only been to Starbucks once in my life.

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