February Photo A Day: Fork

This month I’ll attempt to do each day’s challenge as provided on the FMS Photo A Day site. Today I chose the fork from my parents’ cutlery set, another of the things (besides me!) they brought back from Germany. We still use it. Tim usually says, “This knife is dull,” then I say, “But it’s pretty,” which now that I think about it, makes it like a few people I know.

Here, from Christmas when I was elevenish, Daddy is using the fork and knife to carve the turkey.

I see that because Mother set the table for our feast with her finest china, she removed the humble Tupperware salt and pepper shakers to shoot the photo. Yet there they sit, nestled among the plants in the corner, undercutting her fancy intentions.


6 thoughts on “February Photo A Day: Fork”

  1. Do you remember the first Christmas I ate with y’all. The turkey would not get done!!!
    I think your Mother just gave up, and we started dinner without the bird!!!

    Sure miss all those holidays together!!!!!! After I met David, I never spent Christmas with my mom. We went to her house for Thanksgiving. Hate to say it, but Christmas was just better with the Cochranes!!!!

    1. I definitely remember the turkey that wouldn’t get done. She’d just had surgery and was trying to cook that feast. Crazy woman.

      I loved it when we were all together, no matter what the occasion, especially after the grandkids started arriving. So many great memories!

  2. Was that the christmas that she tried to cook duck? I remember that christmas well. We always had great christmases! After all the grandkids it got even better. This is the first year that I have not had all my kids and grandkids around. It was so lonely!

    1. I don’t know if that was the duck Christmas or not. I have a vague memory of her trying to cook a duck once and it not working out.

      This photo is from the Christmas Gerald and his family were with us at Dr. W’s house–was that the duck Christmas? Of course, now that you’ve brought up the duck, all I can think about is that scene in A Christmas Story in the Chinese restaurant.

    1. Thanks!

      I’ll do old photos every once in a while, if they work, but I don’t want to try to do that (or anything) every day for a year. Sometimes that takes energy and time that needs to go elsewhere.

      They are stag horns, I believe–naturally shedded antlers.

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