Button Sunday

Apparently there really is a button for everything. I ordered this button from this site. I’m providing that link because I know many of you are fellow sufferers who might like to warn your coworkers and other people who can read.

In other news, my Runway Monday design may be late, depending on when I become functional again. I’m thinking soon, because it’s actually Migraine Day 3.


8 thoughts on “Button Sunday”

  1. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon. Migraines for me are so disabling.

    I’ve had weather headaches on-and-off all week as we’ve gone from near 70 to snow. Then, the weather started warming up again, and now, tonight, it’s supposed to be freezing rain.

    1. Thank you. I feel like this one was brought on by weather, too, since several people (locally) are similarly affected. Usually mine are hormonal, though, and like yours, they leave me pretty much good for nothing. I can’t stand smells (especially food smells), noise, heat, or light.

  2. Mlle. Renee always wants to give me dog kisses when I’m under the weather or suffering from sinus headaches. Thankfully I’ve been spared migraines. Do dog kisses work for migraines?

    1. They don’t take the migraines away, but dog kisses do much to make me feel loved, and that’s almost as good. Also, since I have old dogs, they love it when I spend extra time in bed, because they get to snooze with me.

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