I wonder…

I wonder how many people are trying to read my blog and getting a message that it’s been suspended? It was, because it was ruthlessly attacked by malware. It was like something out of Star Wars! But Han Solo or somebody at my hosting site and I spent a lot of time on the phone Thursday morning getting it all fixed. Only if people don’t clear their browser history/cache, whatever it’s called, they’ll keep thinking the account is suspended.

If no one can see my blog, DO I EVEN EXIST?!?

Y’all can totally see me sitting here at my desk, right? Hello? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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21 Responses to I wonder…

  1. Robert Edler says:

    Good golly, I didn’t even know that you were missing until I saw the empty chair. That’s one dandy keyboard you have though.

    • Becky says:

      Thanks! It’s an ergonomic keyboard, but it’s not as nice as the one I have on my PC (that one doesn’t have the right plug thingie for the Mac because it’s so old). I haven’t used a normal keyboard (except on a laptop or on other people’s computers) since 1998.

      • Marika says:

        I see glasses. I see tea. I see no computer screen.

        • Becky says:

          My monitor is shared on a need-to-know basis. You don’t need to know. Be satisfied by your glimpse at my lovely keyboard.

          • Marika says:

            Please, your keyboard does not impress me – I am a laptop girl. I find all keyboards awkward and gross.

            • ablueskyboy says:

              That’s because laptop keyboards are awkward! 🙂 And small. And, oh so that’s where {insert cursor key type here} went to this time; I’m sure that if they paid another 5 cents, there would be more room for said keys to be standard size and placement on laptops.

            • Becky says:

              I have a cheap keyboard that I plug into my laptop, because its keypad is so sensitive that I’m always causing things I didn’t intend to happen.

      • ablueskyboy says:

        I have a similar keyboard, but mine has a small touchpad “glidepoint” in the middle between where the hands end up, so that it is never “in the way.” It uses PS/2 round plugs, and it turns out that a USB connector for such keyboards with PS/2 (serial) mice are made.

        This keyboard I have (I’m using it right now) was made when PC and Mac keyboards had different controllers inside them, so to use one for PC on a Mac required special drivers or a fortune in bribery to me to write the driver. It even has the power button on the keyboard to turn a Mac on/off/sleep (when they used to let you do those things with their laptops).

        (Anyway, the point is that such adapters exist and might enable you to use your keyboard on a Mac. The power on feature for the keyboard may or may not work though, and the key mappings are a bit odd if you interface with a Mac Book Pro or similar laptop. Laptops have [fn] keys!)

        • Becky says:

          The old keyboard is still on my PC, which I use from time to time. Poor old computer is so slow that the keyboard is its only attractive feature to me–that and the way my photo shopping software on the PC is so superior to software made by the same company that I paid to get on my Mac. Wasted money, in this case.

          • ablueskyboy says:

            Which software is that? Adobe? I thought Macs were supposed to be better than M$ for image processing :). Well, er, during the powerpc days.

            I’ve used gimp on Linux and a few other ancient tools on other ancient platforms. But, on my Mac I’m using aperture, more for organization and versions. I like gimp in Linux when it comes to graphic editors, so I swap between them.

            • Becky says:

              It’s not the Mac’s fault. This is a software that came with the scanner on my PC. When we got the same brand of scanner for the Mac, that software was no longer an option. We were able to buy a version for the Mac, but whoever designed it to run on a Mac did a crap job of it. I’ve contacted their customer service multiple times, but their “fixes” never are. So I rarely use it–big waste of money.

              Gimp is not intuitive for me. I’ve tried to use it, but it, as well as Photoshop, are far too complicated for my needs.

  2. Marika says:

    Frankly i was wondering what kind of shenanigans you were pulling to be suspended. I mean holy crap, they let anyone post anything on the internet, so I was thinking you must have done something really bad.

  3. donnie dorsum says:

    glad to see your (sic) back!

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