Bones, no skin

My mother used to have a phrase she pronounced whenever anyone was judgmental about what others did with their time, e.g., watching too much TV, spending too many hours at work, reading too much, passing time on the Internet, making clothes for dolls (I just threw that last one in to see if anyone’s paying attention). She’d say, “Keeps ’em out of the pool hall.” It’s one of those phrases I frequently hear coming out of my own mouth, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I agree with her. It’s your life. If you’re staying out of trouble and not damaging anyone or anything, whose business is it what you do with your time?

I suppose that applies even if you want to hang out in the pool hall, like Skelita Calaveras, who may be the first genuinely sized zero model.


6 thoughts on “Bones, no skin”

    1. You’ve earned that right!

      I think Tom is kind of creeped out by this doll, but her description is very cool–she pays tribute to the Mexican Day of the Dead–Dia de Los Muertos. As she says, “My familia gives strength to my bones.”

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