Make a note for your next bestseller

All you Moleskine aficionados can coo over this little bundle of joy delivered by Tim to me at Christmas:

Five Moleskines in three sizes. The medium-sized ones pictured are out of their packaging because they’re being used in a year-long project. I can’t share the details, as they’ll be gifts for two people, but they are helping add purpose to my daily walks.

You know, if I were one of those bloggers who writes sponsored posts… But Moleskine, Starbucks, and Scotch are part of many of my days, not paid endorsements. That Sharpie pen is also wonderful. Even though the package says it doesn’t bleed, I don’t think it’ll work for this project; these particular pages aren’t thick enough. But if you’re a Sharpie fan and love fine points, check it out. It’s a prettier book signing pen than the standard plastic Sharpie. You’re welcome.


15 thoughts on “Make a note for your next bestseller”

    1. You can absolve yourself of that particular sin, because the little ones are blank and the other three are ruled.

      The three I’ve received from you in days past are graph.

      All are ideal for the purposes I have for them, so I love them all. I love all my journals, even the non-Moleskines. I’ve told Tim I think journals are an addiction for many writers, even if we don’t fill them all up.

    1. My handwriting is terrible. I feel sorry for anyone who might have to read it, because there are times I can barely decipher it. That’s what comes of too many years at a keyboard.

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