Legacy Writing 365:355

Through the years, Tom’s parents have sent us ornaments from their earliest Christmas trees as well as ornaments Tom might remember from his childhood. Two of my favorites to hang each year are from these mementos of their family history–and also happen to be two from among my favorite characters of all time. There are a lot of good life lessons to be learned from the Peanuts gang.

The Famous World War 1 Flying Ace.

Linus playing the saxophone.

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14 Responses to Legacy Writing 365:355

  1. Marika says:

    the first Christmas song I knew all the words to


    always a fan … I have a big stuffed WWI flying ace

  2. Robert Edler says:

    And the best part is … the Peanuts characters remain forever young.

  3. Michelle says:

    They’re beautiful!

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