Legacy Writing 365:349

I think it’s interesting when I look at photos of my mother’s that were taken the same time as photos in my own collection. I have a photo from the day featured below of my father looking very frail in his wheelchair. She doesn’t have anything like that.

It was the last Christmas Daddy was alive. Mother spent all day, every day, at the nursing home where he was a resident. She left at dusk only because her vision didn’t allow her to drive at night. I’m sure that time was nightmarish for her, so when her grandkids came to visit, they are who she needed to focus on, and I don’t blame her at all.

The first photo is cut because she had it in a circular frame.

Daniel, Mother, Josh
Gina, Sarah
The boys look so solemn. Probably we’d all threatened their lives if anyone did the bunny ears thing.

Debby, Mother, and me with weirdly similar hairstyles.

Josh looks like he’s up to something. I’ll bet bunny ears were creeping up behind his mother’s back, and Mother just took the photo before he was ready.

These last two are from my photos, and I rest my case.


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