Legacy Writing 365:346

I didn’t ask my nephew if I could steal this photo from him, but I think my family expects such larcenous behavior from me now.

Daniel was thrilled to get this early Christmas gift from his mom. I’m serious; he loves it! So do I, and probably so would anyone who grew up seeing the Peanuts Christmas special every year. I see this tree and I hear the Snoopy dance music and can visualize the scenes from the show as if I’d just watched it.

Back at the beginning of April, I told the story of the little Christmas tree I put in our house in Tuscaloosa to surprise my roommates. I was going for the Charlie Brown effect.

Except Joe came over for dinner, and it made him sad for us, so a few hours later, he showed up with a tree that filled half of our dining room. We had no ornaments. So we had a tree decorating party and made some of our own. And do you know, I only have a couple of photos where you can almost see that tree in the background, because I was taking photos of all of us–I forgot to immortalize the tree!

You can see the top of it behind Carreme, me, Debbie, and Pat. Looks like the Pink Panther became the tree topper.

Mary Ann may not look happy in this photo, but I don’t think I ever saw her in a bad mood.

Eat it, string it, put it on the tree, or wear it; whatever works!

Here’s Joe with Debbie, who’s striking a pose and eating a graham cracker. Traditional holiday fare of students everywhere.


9 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:346”

  1. People who really aspire to being 35 actually will never grow older with a Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Since it first appeared in 1965, it has been repeated every year for 47 years. Not bad for a show CBS considered pulling at the last minute because of its poor production qualities. Also, they’re still selling that same Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on line.

      1. Boy, that thing started WAY before I was born, didn’t it? Though I’m never really sure what year I was born, because my math doesn’t work like other people’s math. I count to the beat of my own abacus.

    1. I keep wondering if I still have that Pink Panther somewhere. But I think I’ll spare Tom the task of pulling down bins in the garage to check. For now…

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