Legacy Writing 365:341

I’m two years old, and I GOT A HULA HOOP! Eat your heart out, Alvin.

And I got a doll! In a buggy! And my sister is headless!

And I got a crib! For my doll! And it looks like my brother may have gotten something, too.

But I’m holding a bottle! To feed my doll!

Actually, I’m a lot older, and I don’t get to open presents on Christmas morning with my siblings anymore, but the scene will probably be about the same–I GOT A DOLL!–with less cute jammies, though.


3 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:341”

    1. You really see the progression of technology in people’s old photos, don’t you? I remember how awed I was by the first remote control I ever used. Now I can’t imagine many entertainment gadgets without that capability!

      1. My dad refused to get a tv with a remote as he said they were for lazy people. He has several beside his chair right now…

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