Legacy Writing 365:314

Recently Laura emailed me a photo of Lila (age four) in full-on model pose–taken during a photo session when she was dissatisfied with the photographer’s suggestions and finally struck a pose on her own. (Aries: I’ll do it myself.) I thought the photo indicated a future model, and Tim suggested she might be a future stylist. Either way, it was a pose-perfect photo.

Then my niece shared a Halloween photo of her daughter Morgan in costume as Little Red Riding Hood. At age ten, Morgan’s a few years older than Lila, but once again, the pose was dead-on model. Do we have an innate compulsion to strike that pose when a camera’s turned on us, or are we mimicking the models we see in print ads? Which came first: the model or the mannerism?

Me at around age thirteen. I don’t know who took it or where we were.


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