Legacy Writing 365:312

This is one of my favorite photos I ever took of my sister and her kids. She’s very madonna-like while wielding a hairbrush: 1.5 kids down, 1 to go.

This is the age Josh was–three-ish?–when I asked him how to spell cheese and he told me, “K-R-A-F-T.” So I asked him how we spell relief, and he said, “R-O-L-A-I-D-S.” Oh, Madison Avenue, look see what you did with your crazy advertising.


13 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:312”

  1. I fear I must share one of my father’s pet peeves (and mine by inheritance) –
    “look at”, “see what”.

    Plop plop, fizz fizz…

    1. I’m afraid “look what you did” is part of my family vocabulary because of a certain little neighbor child. I never tell that story because it’s been reserved for a future work of fiction.

  2. nothing to do with your topic – sort of…

    I have truely enjoyed these posts and encourage you to continue past the 365th day…. PLEASE.

    1. I’m running out of photos. And stories!

      Not really.

      I probably will continue to do them occasionally, but not every day. Thank you for saying you enjoy them.

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