Legacy Writing 365:303

Earlier this year when I was plundering Lynne’s photo archives for pictures I might use for these entries, I said, “Who’s this sitting at your parents’ bar with Aunt Lil and Jess?”

She gave me The Lynne Look™ and said, “That’s you.”

I guess it’s been a while since I was that young, that slender, or had that much hair.

Or maybe I was so distracted by that box of Krispy Kreme Donuts on the washer/dryer that I couldn’t focus. For a while, we had Krispy Kreme franchises in Houston, but I guess they got into a fight with the mother ship and were shut down. I don’t eat donuts anymore anyway, but if I did, y’all could have your Shipley and your Dunkin’ donuts–I’m a Krispy Kreme snob.


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  1. Our Krispy Kreme place shut down, too. I can’t think that it was from lack of business. I didn’t eat them often because I thought that their texture was addictive.

    1. In Houston, the franchise owners (in a lawsuit) said KK expected them to spend too much on equipment and supplies and pressured them to open additional franchises (there were six storefronts here).

      Currently, some McDonald’s franchises are making a similar complaint against the corporation, contending that the value menus have cut into their profits, making them unable to maintain or improve building standards as required by McDonald’s.

      Our Montrose Wendy’s just closed. There was also a lone Krystal Hamburgers that opened in the suburbs that closed. I wonder if they were facing similar challenges?

    1. I’m too young to remember an earlier box.

      Did you know in some other countries, you can buy your Krispy Kremes in a tin? A TIN. Also, how cool is this old sign in Thunderbolt, GA?

  2. There was one just across the street from Virginia Tech’s campus. Everyone was stunned when it closed in the late 90’s. Nothing took its place for a year. Then, a pretzel/bagel shoppe opened for about 6 months and died, which was also a shame, as they made good bagels sandwiches. I think some crappy cockroach mexican wannabe store opened and died. That particular place in the strip mall just couldn’t keep its businesses! A bar with a pit stage was attempted and flopped before it even opened! Later we heard there were structural problems with that part of the building.

    So, it must take a lot of heavy equipment to make those KK donuts en mass!

    1. Something–other than a restaurant–needs to go into that space to lift the “curse!”

      I don’t know how they make such light donuts–it’s the mystery of Krispy Kreme.

  3. Krispy Kremes are a recent arrival locally, and I really don’t like them. They seem too greasy compared to traditional STL-style doughnuts produced by the many local independent shops and bakeries. Also almost all local supermarkets have in-store doughnut bakeries. Also my mom and grandmother made their own doughnuts that were out of this world.

    1. That’s a shame–I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme that wasn’t light, fluffy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. But I’m sure a lot depends on what we grow up eating. Plenty of Houstonians prefer their Shipley donuts to Krispy Kremes, whereas to me, Shipley is too heavy and doughy.

      1. agree on the Shipley’s. Although they are the favorite of April & the guys.

        All this doughnut talk and i have no breakfast!

        1. I had to leave the house long before lunch to stop myself from eating Halloween candy. Then we had NO trick or treaters this year, so it’s all sitting in the other room taunting me.

  4. I too like Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This morning a co-worker brought in Shipley’s and there is no comparison. The Krispy Kreme is light…especially hot and fresh off the conveyor belt. The Shipley’s are doughier and more cake-like in texture. We have Krispy Kreme, Shipley and Duncan Donuts stores within 5 miles of the house. That takes a lot of willpower!

    On a similar note…have you heard of the Southern rapper Krispy Kreme? If not, please take a look on YouTube.

    1. A hot Krispy Kreme is beyond compare! I think our nearby Dunkin’ Donuts closed, too, but there’s a Shipleys close by. I don’t believe I’ve ever been inside it.

      As for the rapper Krispy Kreme, who I’d never heard of before…bless his heart.

        1. I don’t know. When I looked him up on Wikipedia, I was sure there’d be some mention of a lawsuit. But I didn’t see anything.

            1. Right?! He has quite the following though. I have to admit the videos made me laugh. Though I’m not sure I’m supposed to laugh. I love the other guy in the videos who never does anything.

    1. It just proves my point. When donuts are around, no one can see anything else.

      Did she have a good time as Snow White last night?

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