Legacy Writing 365:279

Sometimes I find things I’ve forgotten I own. I was moving stuff around the other day, including an interesting wooden box on little wheels, and I wondered what might be inside it. Among other things, I found a bag of rune stones and the book that goes with them. Once I saw them, I remembered that I used to enjoy the stones, but they’ve long been out of sight, out of mind.

The stone I pulled out for this photo has the symbol for strength on it. The stone is called Uruz and suggests endings and beginnings. Sometimes there’s a period of darkness and loss before a new opportunity presents itself.

The reason I pulled it was because my late friend John wore that symbol on a necklace until he died. I think James kept the pendant afterward and wore it for a time, too, not only in memory of John, but to remind him that out of deep loss can come new perspective and strength. That can be a hard lesson, but it’s something positive we can take forward.

October 5 is John’s birthday. I still smile when I think of him–he was full of mischief and sometimes got me into trouble, almost like a bratty little brother. I miss him and feel so fortunate to have known him for the time I did.

John on his birthday in 1993. Maybe out of sight now–but never out of mind.


4 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:279”

  1. Crikey. Too many people die too young. That’s a lovely, happy photo of him. It seems to me you have a big heart, Becky.

    I have a bag of runes somewhere too – probably in a box at Mum’s – I pick one out now and again, as I do with Tarot.

    1. Thank you, Mark. =)

      Same here (with Tarot, rune stones, gemstones). I find all those things are good tools for helping lead an examined life.

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