Legacy Writing 365:278

Another Christmas, and a few thoughts come to mind with this photo.

I like the way Mother wrapped the coffee table like a Christmas present. I still miss that angel and wish she’d given it to me instead of throwing it away. The angel was a Christmas tradition for many years after this photo was taken, but I wonder if this might have been her first Christmas with us.

My sister has a sort of glazed look in her eyes that I know well. It’s a common malady among Cochranes and means, “Could I please just continue to read without all these interruptions?”

I’m displaying one of those LifeSavers books that holds several varieties of the candy. LifeSavers are a hundred years old this year, and that’s about how old this photo is, too. đŸ˜‰ But I still remember getting that book of all those different flavors, and I probably still wouldn’t like the pineapple LifeSaver.

A tin I’ve had for several years. More than forty additional flavors have been created since Clarence Crane came up with his original Pep-O-Mint® candy.


20 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:278”

    1. I don’t know, but you should keep your eyes peeled as the Christmas season begins. Which it already has.

      YOU NEED IT.

  1. I also remember receiving the LifeSaver books for Christmas. I can’t remember a flavor that I didn’t like, only flavors that I liked more than others. I guess I just like sugar!

    1. I love salt more than sugar, but when I eat something sugary, it needs to be CHOCOLATE. Though admittedly I’ve never turned down a LifeSaver.

      I think you should tell Santa you need a LifeSaver book this Christmas.

    1. I liked the butterscotch, butter rum, any of the fruits and mints–just not so much the pineapple. Actually, I’m starting to crave the stupid things now. But I can resist sugar. I CAN.

  2. The white, peppermint lifesavers were one among many tools in my mother’s arsenal of “How to keep children quiet and occupied during church services”. Most effective. And fun – until it was almost dissolved and you started crunching during silent prayer. heh. heh.

  3. I’d never heard of Lifesavers until someone mentioned them on LJ the other week. It must be because the Christmas merchandise is starting to appear…

    Talking of Christmas, I have an enormous favour to ask. I hope you don’t think it cheeky, but would you mind sending me another angel to colour in? I know I’ve still got the one you sent me two or three years ago somewhere, but it’s still in the boxes from when I moved – so probably at Mum’s. I promise to colour it in and return it post haste this time. Honest.

    1. Sure–no problem!

      It’s so funny how it never occurs to me that products that are so commonplace here are not everywhere. In the U.S., LifeSavers are like gum–they’re displayed in every checkout line in stores that sell anything edible.

  4. You are looking well … a little Krampus-y in that pic, could it be? The only lifesavers I truly love are the ones that come out at easter … cotton candy, banana, raspberry, and watermelon.

  5. .. and seriously how evil is he, he travels with Santa — he doesn’t eat all the bad children, just the occasional child, and they have to be really bad, and honestly isn’t that really a public service?

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