Button Sunday and Legacy Writing 365:253

This is another of Lynne’s buttons, and I don’t know if it was for a particular retailer (maybe the old Blockbuster/Sound Warehouse chain?) or if it’s somehow affiliated with the decades-old Give the Gift of Music campaign.

I’ve talked on here before about some of these music-as-gift moments of my life: when Riley gave me George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” and also all the times he sang and played for me; the mix tapes Tim used to send me from NYC and all the music he introduced me to that I’d somehow missed, especially from the 1980s; the time my brother found out I gave Riley the John Lennon photo from my White album and surprised me by opening his White album and giving me his picture; the first albums my mother ever bought me with my new record player when I was a young teen; some of the best concerts I’ve been to through the years with Debby, David, Lynne, Tom, Amy, and friends from high school and college; listening to my nephew Josh play drums in a blues band; the countless hours I’ve spent listening to music with friends and talking about it, singing along, and just being quiet and digging it, as Riley might say.

I have a zillion music-related memories. It would please me very much to turn this over to you in comments and hear a way or time music has been a gift in or to your life. GO!

Riley, December 1980


One thought on “Button Sunday and Legacy Writing 365:253”

  1. that button pre-dates all blockbuster, sound warehouse, and all. i cant tell you where it came from, but it was pre-houston…

    music… lots of concerts, bars, friends playing… one thing i remember is during family get-togethers at Amanda’s house, occasionally Wayne would take his guitar out and play & sing. he was doing it because he loved it and so did his family. Lots of Johnny Cash songs. Then he would put it all away & go back to his responsible life as a good father and provider. he now plays with a couple of bands and has steady gigs every week-end. and often entertains folks at a nursing home in my hometown. he and my sister have such joy in his time playing. He plays & sings. She is his biggest fan – dances, helps at the venues and supports him “living the dream”. it is fun to watch them enjoy it.

    i love music. the only talent God gave me was listening to it. And i can do that very well.

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