Legacy Writing 365:222

In the very beginning of A Coventry Wedding, two strangers are brought together when they both try to help an abandoned dog. She’s described later by the local vet as a mix of bulldog, boxer, and American Staffordshire terrier, and her new human companion names her Sue because of the black ring around one of her eyes (like a Black-eyed Susan flower). In the acknowledgments, I thanked Jess and Laura for lending me their dog Sue as the model for my fictional Sue.

Jess and Laura got their Sue, an American bulldog, as a puppy.

She grew.

And grew.

And grew.

Then she grew some more.

I always loved dogsitting Sue and her brother Seig because it was understood: When Aunt Becky’s around, you may get crated when she’s gone for a while, but you always get to sleep in the bed with her at night. This was a novelty for Sue, who sometimes had a little trouble hefting herself onto the bed (but I taught her a trick or two to make it easier). I loved her big, slobbery smile.

When Sue knew she was in trouble, she’d always give you a wide berth and the side eye, as if to say, “I have NO idea what you’re talking about, and you’re very, very mean to scold me.”

But mostly, she just liked to relax in the middle of chaos, knowing her favorite people and dog buddies were all around her.

Everyone at The Compound is very sad for Jess, Laura, and Lila that Sue has gone to join Seig at the Rainbow Bridge. It’s always painful to lose a beloved dog; their family has lost two within two months. We will miss you, Sue, and we send you on your way with lots of love and gratitude for good times we had with you.


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  1. give our best thoughts to Sue’s family. I loved reading about her … and I can see why she was a source of inspiration

  2. That was one big dog. I love bulldogs. When I was married, we had a loving pitbull that my ex would only allow in the house when it was absolutely too nasty to be out. Otherwise Baxter was an outside dog. He would’ve been a good pet if pbbbbtttt! had allowed him to be.

  3. That last photo was probably just Lila and Sue looking out at one of the other dogs, all sweet and stuff. But now it’s really a powerful, poignant image. I hope Lila is OK.

  4. I never got to know Sue, but I love her just the same… so much personality in her pictures. My sympathies to Jess, Laura, and Lila.

    1. Thank you, Jim. Sue had this terrible habit of coming up and licking my arm. Every time I sat her, I trained her to stop. Then when I’d see her again after an absence, LICK. “We had a deal!” I’d insist. Sue pretended not to remember. Yet she never forgot that I was the one who’d let her sleep on the bed.

  5. Thank you all. Sue-Sue was a good dog. Her passing was very sudden. She was Jess’ baby – a gift from Laura five days after his dad died. A lot of emotions are tied up in Sue. To say that we will miss her is an understatement.

    1. It’s hard to believe. Yeah, I just commented on that blog the other day. I don’t remember what post it was that caught my eye.

      The Ss were all good playmates to her and made her feel like one of the big dogs.

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