Rock the Drop!

Thanks to my writing partner Timothy Forry doing this and linking to it on Twitter, I learned about Rock the Drop! On April 12, in honor of Support Teen Literature Day, anyone can participate by printing out a bookplate and leaving it with a young adult book in a public place.

I haven’t had a cartridge in my color printer in forever, so I sort of enhanced my black-and-white bookplate.

Then I left it with Maureen Johnson‘s novel The Bermudez Triangle on a bench at Houston’s University of St. Thomas. College freshmen and sophomores are still teens! In any case, I haven’t been a young adult in a long time, but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by Maureen Johnson. In fact, it was hard to give this one up because I haven’t read it. To reward myself, I think I’m downloading it to my Nook later.


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