Hot team, hot coffee

Today in the mail, my sister-in-law Terri–the most passionate Auburn fan ever–sent the following coffee cup to me:

I love it. Thanks, Terri!

Here’s the other side of the cup (sorry, Greg), with a second gift from her, an ornament I’ll be using in December (Christmas is only ten months away!):

My favorite player number. =)


12 thoughts on “Hot team, hot coffee”

  1. Hey, never too soon to start thinking about Christmas! I bought lots of Auburn Christmas stuff on sale! I plan an all out Auburn Christmas house next year!

  2. Also, I was so worried the cup would get broken. I just could not find anything to mail it in. Jan gave me a candle for Christmas, and I had not taken it out of the box.
    So, when I did BINGO!

    1. That’s so funny. Tim was with me when I was opening the box, and I said, “Smells like a candle!”

      Everything was intact–thanks again!

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