Legacy Writing 365:18

As usual when I’m trying to find a specific photo, it’s as if it never existed. I’ll keep looking. However, in my search, I stumbled over one from June of 2004.

The Deal was a brand new book just out. Tim and I were also promoting Timothy James Beck’s It Had to Be You (2001, trade paper 2002) and He’s the One (2002, trade paper 2003). Borders (RIP) set up a signing for us during Empower Business Expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center. We had a blast, and this photo shows us meeting Jai Rodriguez of the then very-popular (and Emmy winning) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo. Jai guest emceed at Lift-Off, the opening party for the Expo and the 2004 Pride Parade. He was happy to take a copy of The Deal with him when he left. I wonder if he read it…

Eagle eyes who know them may recognize those two handsome lads standing next to Tim and me as Matt and John (hosts of the Pumpkin Carving event this past Halloween).

I don’t do readings, but I love signings, especially when they’re part of events like this one. There is nothing like meeting readers who enjoy our novels or meeting people who want to be readers. Seriously, if you have author signings in your city or town, especially at your independent bookstores, GO. Events are more fun with a lively audience.

And finally: TIM’S HAIR! (Jai liked it.)


8 thoughts on “Legacy Writing 365:18”

  1. Love this photo!! You look like you were having fun. I thought that was John in the background.
    Also, I just reread The Deal during my holiday break & loved it just as much as the first time (and am still waiting for the big screen version).

    1. Thanks! Where is that big-screen version, anyway? They’re going to have to change New Year’s Eve from 1999 to 2019. Which doesn’t have quite the same kick. Or a Prince song.

    1. I have a very soft voice that doesn’t carry well. In front of a classroom or as a lecturer, I can overcome this. However, my reading voice is not only soft, but Southern-accented and breathy. It’s not a good reading voice for a crowd. Plus I don’t like microphones. Overall, I’m just not comfortable reading in a public setting.

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