10 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 244”

  1. that is a really pretty photo. I know it’s sounds silly, but I am glad you have your Mom’s plants with you. my Mom and I share an insane love of ponytail palms, and the one she gave to me always makes me think of her.

    1. I don’t think it sounds silly at all. I still have plants that belonged to Steve–in fact, I think one of them may even be a ponytail palm–though a lot of them have died. I’m not so great with plants, so any living connections to people I love that remain make me happy.

  2. I heard a poem today that made me think of you and your mom’s plants- “Mother” by Ted Kooser.
    I always wished I’d adopted one of my grandmother’s houseplants; maybe that’s why I compulsively buy African violets

    1. Oh, thank you for that. If anyone else wants to read it, it’s here. Did you hear it by listening to Garrison Keillor? He’s introduced me to so many poems and poets, and this is a new poem for me. It’s beautiful.

      1. Yes, I found Writer’s Almanac on Google Listen. My dad used to listen to A Prairie Home, which I still love, and I find that Garrison Keillor’s voice is comforting.
        🙂 Glad you liked it. I loved the imagery of the irises ‘holding up knives & forks’

  3. My Grammy had quite the green thumb. In her basement, in Michigan, she used to grow orchids, African violets, and other exotic flora. She loved when she and Grampy moved to Florida, as she could move her orchids outside. My connection with my grandparents is my sister, who they adopted and raised. Her, and a lavender and purple sweater that Grammy knitted for me in 1986, and some afghans she’d made. Grampy used to love to say, “I don’t know how something with so many holes in it can keep you so warm.” Of course, he did know, but he liked to say that.

    1. I very much love hearing memories like these. Thank you. And Grampy was right about afghans!

      I am death to African violets–won’t even attempt them anymore.

  4. I love how that color pops against the green foliage. I’ve seen kalanchoe before in the supermarket florist shop, but never bought one. I’ll have to see if it will grow here outside.

    Just this Spring I found what I think is an Easter lily from years ago. My mom gave it to me to plant in the ground and I had forgotten all about it, or even where I planted it. It didn’t come up last year. We had some “live-forevers” growing along the house I grew up in, and wish I had a piece of it now to plant here.

    1. This stuff grows itself, so you should have good luck with it. Honestly, the things that last here on The Compound do so in spite of me, I think. I need plants that can be neglected and withstand our droughts.

      I had some Easter lilies that were my mother’s and also one that Lynne gave me from among plants she got when her husband died. I don’t think those made it through this past winter. Makes me sad. =(

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