16 thoughts on “Magnetic Poetry 365:98”

  1. Does Draw A Bird Day happen every year? I can’t believe I missed it. No, wait. (Novel, stories due, manuscript to review, deadline at work, numerous dog issues.) Yeah, I can completely believe I missed it. But I would love to draw a bird next year.

    1. Don’t forget that you were just halfway around the world! I’m so happy to hear about Anya’s continuing improvement.

      Yeah, I think it happens every year. I only became aware of it last year.

    1. I’m still reading and commenting on friends’ post on LJ, but I won’t be posting there anymore. Trying to streamline my online world and cut costs!

      Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and enjoying the bird. (That sounds strange, doesn’t it?)

    1. I’ll bet if you knitted them, they wouldn’t unravel!

      Will add you, of course. Even though I don’t knit, I enjoy seeing the work of people who do. We’ve had lots of knitting happening during our Craft Nights.

    1. Thanks! Well, the drawing is separate from the (four-line) poem. I just taped it to the poetry board for the er, “stunning beauty” of the visual.

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