I did that writing meme so many LJ friends are doing. Using different LJ posts and some excerpts from the two Coventry novels, I’ve apparently written like James Joyce, Dan Brown, Stephen King, J.D. Salinger, Chuck Palahniuk, Mark Twain, and FINALLY, a woman, Margaret Atwood. Which might disappoint her, as I once had a class with her and she was quite stern about my need to differentiate between “voices” in writing.

If you’d like what I’m sure is a highly accurate and scientific analysis of your writing, you’ll find your chance here.


18 thoughts on “Ha”

      1. You know, I used to have a black t-shirt, and all it said over the left breast was “VERSATILE”. It was a gift… or maybe, rather, an award…

        But that, my friend, is a story for another time.

  1. Writing Meme

    As I’m not a “seasoned writer” as all of you here,

    So I guess you’re saying your writing is strong enough for a man, yet pH balanced for a woman? LOL 😉

  2. Oh All Right

    My very very first LJ entry :> David Foster Wallace (whoever that is)

    So, I tried the entry that started all of the Intelligence entries :> Douglas Adams. That was written near the time of the shooting at Virginia Tech. It is fair to point out that I did make a Douglas Adams reference in that entry.

    I love irony.

      1. Re: Oh All Right

        Ha! I like the ad. But hey, if we’re all finding out we already write like all these brilliant writers, we don’t NEED help, right?

        1. Re: Oh All Right

          True. But, *If* I truly wrote like Douglas Adams and had the “right story” to tell… who knows.

          Honestly though, I think I would need a writers class.

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