Pick a color!

Comment on this entry and I’ll give you a color. Then you have to find ten things that you love of that color.

Red, the color given to me by amanda_mary

Red VWs. Image taken from Internet.

The red Baccarat crystal heart I never gave to Jeff.

Red painting from Tim that has a secret message under the paint.

The roses on my rose bush.

Cinnamon red hots. Image taken from the Internet.

This red and gold heart necklace from James.

This can and its contents: the Real Thing.

The red ribbon I wore to Steve’s 1992 memorial service with the angel pin from my coworkers during that time.

Jennifer’s red hair. Lindsey talking to Jennifer Mathis at Jen’s Resin Retablos Show at Té House of Tea.

Red fashion! In front of another painting by Tim with RED in it.


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