We’re having the best weather day in Houston. Cool, breezy, sunny. Supposedly we’re in for a brutal summer, so this is something to enjoy while it’s here. I’d love to be outside pruning my azaleas, but it’s also nice not to sneeze and want to claw out my itchy eyes, so…

The dogs of Green Acres are visiting for the weekend. Here, Minute and Sparky wander,
while Paco suns himself.

Last night, Margot and Guinness got baths and new, colorful collars, which you can almost see here.

In the random department, my friend Alan tweeted that today is DABD–or Draw A Bird Day. And Shawn tweeted that it’s also One Day Without Shoes, to raise awareness of the difference a pair of shoes can make in a kid’s life. I decided to combine the two days into my drawing.

Have a great day!


23 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL day”

  1. I drew my bird with a shoe on, because shoes are easier to draw than birdie feet. Also? In profile? I only had to draw one. Your bird RULEZ. Yeah…I just typed that.

        1. OMG, I’m at Te House of Tea with Rhonda and Lindsey. We all just burst out laughing, and Rhonda said she peed a little…just two drops. 😉

    1. Thanks!

      I’ll tell Tom, Official Bath Giver, to be on the lookout for three dirty spaniels. There’ll be treats after baths, too! P.S. Ask them to please leave the deer legs in Iowa.

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