Hump Day Happy

I’ve misplaced something that I desperately want to find. I suspect I put it somewhere logical in late 2007 when we were remodeling, but since I was operating with stress and physical pain turned up to eleven during that time, “logic” then and logic now bear no relationship to each other.

In looking for this misplaced item, I’ve found all kinds of other goofy stuff, including some of Tom’s cereal box prizes. They made me smile.

While I continue my search, I’ll be glad to take the occasional break to give you something from this book to be happy about. Just comment with a page number between 1 and 611, and another number between 1 and 25.


20 thoughts on “Hump Day Happy”

  1. HA HA HA HA!!! Moments after it was posted!

    Dash wants 125 number 10 and I will have number 153 number 6 … again if there is a car thing, let’s move on to the next one on the page. No salt in these wounds

    1. Of course, it goes without saying that I wasn’t thinking about your car situation when I chose this week’s photo. Did it sting much?

      Dash gets “Crenshaw melon,” whatever that is (you know I’m going to look it up right after I finish this), and you get “cottage cheese and sugar.” I wonder if that’ll taste good on Dash’s melon?

        1. You are becoming far too high maintenance in the happiness department. I blame New Orleans for raising the bar beyond what my cheery little book can offer. But just because I don’t want you to sulk all night and cast some kind of voodoo spell on me or something, I’m going to choose for the two of you. And there’d better not be any whining, because I WILL PULL THIS LJ OVER.

          Dash gets “plumping your dog’s doggy bed” (meaning HIS bed), and you get “a rasher of bacon done to a turn.”

  2. pg 127 number 18 please

    I hate when I misplace something. I usually find it after I’ve given up. My chances of finding it then are increased greatly if I’ve spent money to replace something (replaceable).

    1. The book says “Easter basket treats.”

      Sooner or later, I know I will find this irreplaceable thing. It just baffles me that it’s eluding me because there are so few places for me to put anything!

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