Hump Day Happy

How do you talk to a giraffe with one ear?

You’re talking to a toy? That’s just crazy.

Two hundred-plus dolls in the attic agree with me.

However, to humor you, if you give me a page number between 1 and 611, and another number between 1 and 25, we’ll pretend it’s the giraffe looking up something in this book to make you happy. Because as Emily Dickinson wrote, The Possible’s slow fuse is lit by the Imagination.


32 thoughts on “Hump Day Happy”

      1. Well, hell…I did that once before with the same entries repeatedly, I think, but not two consecutive weeks. Then again it is supposed to be near 80 today. Think I have time to go homeand change before my next class? =0)

        1. Just in case you don’t, since I dragged out the other edition for MGH, the giraffe consulted it and found, at 11-11, “embossers that stamp ‘The Library of’ in books.”

          OR we could check Marika’s evil gift 11,002 things to be miserable about, which has “having to swipe your own credit card at the grocery store.” That’s actually pretty mild for that book!

    1. I have a STEEP hill to climb to be funny like you, MGH.

      I had to go back to the first edition of the book, but indeed, page 600 presented “griddle-breads: soda-leavened batters based on flour, eggs, and milk, cooked on a greased griddle, skillet, or waffle iron.”

    1. What a conundrum. That page doesn’t actually go to 25, but the last item is “dozens of places to curl up with a book.” However, if the giraffe keeps going (starting on 611 and ending on page 2–because the first page also doesn’t go to 25), you’ll get “hamburger pizza.” So I say you eat pizza and read a book in some cozy corner. Unless you’re Baby, of course.

    1. The more happiness given away, the more happiness there is! And the giraffe gives you “the fine red and blue threads running through new dollar bills.”

      I vote more dollar bills for all, so we can share in your happiness!

    1. “Middle of the week” is one of those vague terms when it comes to happiness.

      The giraffe gives you “P’s and Q’s = pints and quarts.” Huh. If I knew that, I’d forgotten it. And I only put those apostrophes in there because this book does.

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