Hump Day Happy

Ken is a shoe whore. There are more, but they’re on dolls. Apparently, shoes make him happy. If you’d like something to be happy about, please comment with a page number between 1 and 611, and another number between 1 and 25, and I’ll find something in the happiness book for you. It’s not quite the same thrill as a new pair of shoes, but it could be just what you need to prompt a happy memory, give you an idea for a story, poem, or blog entry, or just make you scratch your head in wonder at the foolishness of it all. I say we can never have too much happiness and foolishness.


18 thoughts on “Hump Day Happy”

      1. The book says “sipping a Coke.”

        ETA (because I posted too quickly) that I agree there is nothing like the cold, fizzy delight of a Coke.

      1. Yummmmm! I’m not a big spinach fan served alone, but like a lot of things with it as an ingedient. O’Charlies has a spinach and tomato omelette on their brunch menu that’s really good.

  1. Oh look honey, Shoes!!!

    I have wide feet. I shall never be able to wear a pair of Reboks, which is ironic because they used to always chant Reboks let U B U. So, I usually end up with new balance running shoes, or I buy arch supports for Vans shoes.

    how about 386, 1

    1. Re: Oh look honey, Shoes!!!

      And the book gives you “sunlight filtering through panes of red, blue, and yellow leaded glass.” Sounds like a nice window shot.

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